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My name is Charles Mott-Gotobed

I started researching my Family Tree in 1999 with the information that I could then glean off my very (I thought) small family group.

The Internet was in its infancy then and the wealth of knowledge and research tools available now, had not yet surfaced. I spent about 6 months working on the Family Tree and with the help of Judy Tregidden (A family member) and Bruce Frost of the The Littleport Society managed to find a bit more detail out before I hit a financial, emotional and social brick wall, at which point things came grinding to a halt.

At that time on the 11 July 1999, it had a total of 426 people on it.

The Family Tree contained on the Last Import: 10 Apr 2015 - 10,597 individuals. .
Some of the tree is inaccurate, certainly as it starts to hit the outer part of the limbs as there were so many Gotobed`s in one place, and while I have considerably increased my skills in tracking relatives down, I am only human.

In 2005 I was made redundant from Lansing Linde after suffering a breakdown in 2003 and have unfortunately not managed to reach a level of confidence that has enabled me to return.
This has left me with a lot of time and, while initially I did not have the ability to be able to concentrate on anything long enough to make sense of it, I decided in about 2008 after having a one month trial at, to fully subscribe, and re-start researching my Family Tree.

The addition of a subscription to combined with the social networking site has given me more results than I could have ever expected. To walk the path of some of my ancestors and see what has become of their descendants', to find out the things that our family have done and who they have been related to has been excellent! To be able to find out that the line of Gotobed`s didnít end with me and that there was so many of us with a rich history was a big breath of fresh air.

The result has been that I have re-discovered much of my family and found new familys that I hadnt even known that existed and its been just mind blowing!
On the following pages people who are living have most of their details hidden, I hope that anyone feeling they may have a connection to me, will sign up and I will then give you access to more details.

You can then make use of this site and maybe, with regular correspondence between us all, we can tighten up the fragmented ends of the genealogy rope and learn a bit more about each other and who we were.

In particular, Photos of Family, Granddads and Grans, maybe you can see a hole in the information on the site and you have a picture or information that fills it in?

The Gotobed`s seemed to have started from the Littleport area in Cambridge UK and were initially mainly farmers, certainly Thomas Gotobed (My father's granddad) was as he has vague memory's of going to see his Gran in his childhood, before time became a precious commodity with his own family and life as it does, just seemed to happen. Incidentally, While we have photographs of Florence Wedgbury (My father's Gran), we donít have any of his granddad and I am desperate to get hold of one for him and the family tree.
If you can help with this, please get in touch

Regards, Chas



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If you have any questions or comments about the information on this site, please contact me. I look forward to hearing from you.